Speak Up Like Rayna – Maybe You’ll Meet Your Paul Simon

Rayna Singing Duncan

At a recent Paul Simon concert, he announced that his next number would be the song Duncan. From the audience, a woman named Rayna was very excited with that choice. Rayna had learned to play guitar with that song and she screamed this out to Paul. Amazingly, he not only heard her, but invited her up on stage to play and sing  it!

Someone in the audience captured the whole thing on youtube and it’s been making its way around Facebook today.

Rayna wasn’t all dressed up and had never anticipated that shouting such a comment would result in her Andy Warhol 15-minutes of fame. Yet there she was on stage with Paul Simon, who took a back seat to her performance.

What can we learn from Rayna? Quite a bit really.

  • First of all, SPEAK UP!
  • Stick your neck out
  • Talk to people
  • Take  a chance
  • Be bold
  • When the opportunity shows itself – go for it!

All of these things can be  taken from Rayna’s on-stage adventure. You can apply these lessons to your love life to see what develops on that stage. One thing is for sure, if you are quietly sitting by the sidelines, nothing big will ever happen.

Have you ever noticed a guy who was noticing you? He smiled, you smiled, then nothing. It happens.

But do you wish you had said something? Do you wish you had walked over to talk with him? Do you wish you had flirted with him? Your efforts might have worked, connecting the two of you, or not. But its SOOOOOO much better to  be friendly and flirty and take that risk, than to stress about the missed opportunity. Doing nothing is often accompanied by deep regrets.

Let Rayna inspire you. Watch her get up on stage and play to the crowd. She wasn’t comfortable. She wasn’t polished. She wasn’t prepared. But she stood up way out of her comfort zone which is very clear and did it! Fabulous! I guarantee you’ll enjoy it like you are with her.

Don’t let your comfort zone hold you back. As your dating coach, I will tell you that not much new will happen in your private little comfort zone. Its mighty comfy there, I know. But the good stuff of life happens when you step out of that safety.

Decide right now to take a risk and try something different. Got to a new singles event. Try speed dating. Post a profile online. Decide to be friendly and more approachable. Talk to men. Strike up conversations so you can get more comfortable.

As your dating coach, I encourage you do break out of your rut. That’s when the rewards find you. As I share with my dating coaching clients who are dating over 40 or daring after divorce, doing something differently is the first time you can get different results! You are worth it. Your love life is worth it. If you believe you will find love, then start acting like it today.

And just maybe, you’ll be singing your own little happy tune as you meet the man of your dreams.

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