Shriver and Schwarzenegger Officially Separated

Shriver and Schwarzenegger Separate

Yup, its true, Arnold and Maria have released a statement announcing their separation after 25 years of marriage. According to the article, Maria tweeted several times on April 26, the date of their wedding anniversary, with no mention of the milestone. To me, that’s just plain sad.

Think about it – 25 years – that’s a very long time to spend with someone. And then, its over. Apparently Maria had posted on Facebook that she is in transition and asked her friends and fans for help as to how they navigated through it. I can only imagine how hard this situation is for her or anyone going through separation and divorce.

As a dating coach, I have clients who have been married that long or longer and then separate or divorce. This kind of thing takes time to maneuver through and heal. There’s no quick fix for the end of such a lengthy relationship.

But I’m sure Maria will over come this. She hails from very strong stock as a Kennedy woman. With support, professional assistance, friendship and courage, Maria can come through this transition with grace, as she out grows her relationship with Arnold and leaves him in her past.

If you feel moved, send Maria some positive thoughts and good energy today. When we share our strength and support, it can make us stronger too. In essence, we unite through the common bond to support another. That makes a wave of good energy that you help create – and one that you can tap into as well, while addiing to it.

If you are going through separation or divorce and decide to send out a prayer or good thoughts to Maria, add your self to that sentiment. Here’s what has been said about healing energy: When people come together, the energy is multiplied exponentially. And when others are healed, you can be too, for in reality, we are all one brotherhood/sisterhood of people around this globe we call earth.

Many Blessing and Supportive, Positive Thoughts to All in this situation of need.

Read the Fox News story here

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