April 4 – Dating Teleclass – It’s Not You, It’s Him!

Discover How to Recognize the Unavailable Man

Do you date men who:

  • Disappear
  • Don’t follow through
  • Don’t call when they say they will
  • Text but don’t ask you out
  • Wait weeks between contact?

Do you spend hour after hour wondering what you did wrong that pushed him away? Talking to your girlfriends trying to figure out what went wrong?

As your dating coach, I have the answer…
It’s not you, it’s him!

In this 50-minute dating teleclass, you’ll learn how to recognize the unavailable man so you can avoid him in the future. You can date smarter and with better results. Discover how to attract and meet better men who are interested in you and in a committed relationship. You’ll feel more hopeful and able to make choices that support your vision of love.

Monday April 4th  from 7-8pm est
Teleclass will be conducted via telephone conference line provided with all details after registration.
Teleclass fee is just $15

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