Dating Over 40: Arielle Ford Adds Gratitude to Law of Attraction Work

I’m still thinking about some of the wonderful speakers I heard during the Soulmate Summit. One in particular stands out – Arielle Ford. She is the author of  The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction.

The Soulmate Secret

For me, one of the most interesting things I learned was how many other women and dating coaches used the Law of Attraction (LOA), like I did, to when dating over 40 to find love.  But Arielle had a twist to the usual format that you hear.

Typically, with LOA, you get specific with what you want. I have my dating coaching clients think about the qualities they are looking for in a man such as intelligent, honest, affectionate, generous in spirit, athletic, healthy, etc. Then I ask women dating over 40 or dating after divorce about the quality of the relationship they desire. Is their relationship with the right man easy, fun, respectful, comfortable, spontaneous, loving, soulful, etc.?

Next, the process requires determining the end result which is how you want to FEEL. Because, it is the emotional end result that creates the vibration, working like a beacon to call in the one you want. You do this by matching the vibration of what you want so that “like attracts like”.  That is the very essence of how LOA works. Emotions are powerful energy generators and all energy has a pattern or in other words, a vibration!

So, to attract love, you must spend time FEELING what it will be like. But you have to FEEL it right now, today, as if its already happening. As if its REAL. This is exactly what I did and I can tell you that the process did work. 

Arielle added one more step. And this makes so much sense but I never did this part. Arielle has you imagine how grateful you are for finding the love you want. Express your gratitude to the Universe, God or powers that be in the moment you imagine being with the right man for you. You could say a simple “Thank you” or extend your statement to more fully express your gratefulness.

What is so smart about adding this step is that it further promotes your belief that what you are imagining IS TRUE. So true, that you are already grateful! How’s that for elevating your vibration? That will do it. It deepens the feeling and makes the emotions more real. Very savvy Arielle. And taken from many spiritual practices. The idea of expressing gratitude for all that you have is basic to most religions and spiritual practices.

When you choose to work with me as your dating coach and startpracticing the Law of Attraction to MANifest your mate, I highly recommend closing as Arielle does with a bit of gratitude. Whatever way you want to do this is fine. Let’s see if that speeds things up. But even if it doesn’t, you can never go wrong feeling grateful for all that you  have and all the good that is coming your way.

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  1. Pamela

    My daily gratitude journal is my daily staple in my spiritual routine. It has to be one of the quickest and easiest vibe lifters out there. I do this first thing in the morning to get my day started off right.

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