2/15/2011 – Get a 2nd Date with a Great 1st Date

Free Teleclass with Ronnie Ann Ryan – The Dating Coach and Ann Lindsay – Image Consultant for Men

Get a 2nd Date with a Great 1st Date

Teleclass for Men and Women

The best way to get a second date is to have a great first date! Discover seven surefire tips to make certain your first date goes well. Learn what to avoid and how to make a good first impression. You only have one chance to do that, so find out how you can avoid the fatal mistakes many people unknowingly fall victim to.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How confidence is attractive
  • Set the tone for a good first date
  • What to wear to make a good impression
  • Let your masculinity/femininity show
  • Manners that matter
  • Never fail conversation tips
  • Kick up some chemistry

Tuesday, 8-9 pm est via telephone 
No fee, but  long distance rates may apply depending on your phone plan

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1 thought on “2/15/2011 – Get a 2nd Date with a Great 1st Date”

  1. Sounds good! I blog about love and relationships so if I go, can I blog about it? The thing I’m curious about is what it’s appropriate to talk about… how much is TMI? For example, should you disclose if you are dating other people?

    I think dates that go beyond “chit-chat” are fun, but… how much is too much?


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