Single at the Holidays: Letters to Santa Aren’t Just for Children

Single at the Holidays

I’ve written a lot about believing this holiday season. And a great way to supplement this theme is to talk about writing a letter to Santa.

Do you remember being a child, when things seemed magical? When Santa magically came down your chimney or through a window to deliver the best toys ever and make your holiday wishes come true?

That type of believing can work for you today as well, harnessing the Law of Attraction under the guise of St. Nick. In this post from my blog on Christmas past, you can get excited all over again about reaching out to Santa and asking him for what you really want. For that deep desire within your heart – love. The love of a good man. Lasting, healthy, fun, romantic love!

Here’s a secret exercise I’ve recommended to so many of my dating over 40 and dating after divorce dating coaching clients – and many have used this to achieve success.

Read this post to discover how to write your own letter to Santa and why you should put pen to paper right now!

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