Millionaire Matchmaker: Did Patti Step Over the Line?

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

So, given the female millionaires from NY that Patti has been working with this season, maybe I’m starting to feel good about not having a million bucks of my own. These women seem a little bit crazy. Don’t you think?

So last night we had Sky, an Australian DJ to the stars who globe trots to play music at fancy schmancy glitterati parties. Out of all the men Patti had selected for her, and I must say it was a bevvy of fabulous men, none appealed to her. Sky didn’t find any attraction. Patti’s solution was to offer a blind date with Kevin who had to leave early.

Well the other client, Stacey, decided after her two mini-dates that neither one worked. She preferred Kevin as well. Hmmm, that’s interesting. But Patti decided to let Kevin date both women. Fast forward.

Sky had Kevin meet her at a job n Miami (something Patti told her not to do).  They played tennis and seemed to have a good time. (Turns out she decided not to see him again.) Then Kevin left to fly to Barbados with his other date Stacey.

Let’s talk about Stacey shall we?  Certifiable. She has those crazy eyes where you start to fear what’s going on behind them. She smiles a lot and not in a good way. She’s not very grounded or maybe just not glued together well. She was married for 17 years, has four kids and has been divorced and single for three years now.

When Stacey talks about the one thing she’s into – a list unfolds! “I’m into baking whole wheat, low sugar pies that don’t taste very good, I’m a model, an actress and most importantly a host (of what pray tell?) and a lifestyle coach.” (Oh no- giving us coaches a bad name!)  Plus, I’m totally into yoga, skiing, surfing, etc…. Yikes, what happened to one thing?

Patti tried to help her and offer some dating coaching, feeling Stacey is going through a midlife crisis. She took her to a new age spa and had her chakras balanced (sounds good to me). But Stacey resisted – she didn’t feel she had negative thoughts or needed to be aligned. Shes’ perfectly happy with her fragmented life. In all honestly, I’m not so sure that’s really a bad thing. Perhaps I even relate to Stacey a bit, with all the different pots I’ve got boiling on the stove. We could call it “eclectic.”

Stacey was a bit odd on her date with Kevin. Sometimes she disappearedinto some other space/time continuum. But here’s where I question Patti’s method.

Instead of doing the recap and dating coaching with each of the three people individually, she had Sky, Kevin and Stacey sit together to discuss their dates. This is just wrong. Good for Bravo TV and the drama of it all. Bad for her clients and a  total lack of professionalism in this dating coach’s opinion.

Questioning Stacey about her date, which by the way she enjoyed even if Kevin didn’t, Patti started jumping down her throat about how she didn’t relate well to her date. The discussion picked up steam and before you know it, Patti threw Stacey out of the Club.

 What did Stacey do that was so wrong? Its not like she ran away from her date like that nut job Shana who only wanted to date guys in their 20’s. It’s not like she brought her “gay husband” on the date like last week’s millionairess did. Stacey is a little “off” but she did nothing to deserve Patti’s wrath – that we could see during the episode. I was very disappointed in Patti’s behavior and treatment of her client.

I know this is reality TV which has little to do with reality, but Patti is a brand. She trademarks herself as having a very high success rate, and that with an eye for chemistry and a lot of patience, she’ll make the match. I must say, she’d be better off not mentioning patience. Not one of her strong points. Respect really isn’t either. Obviously, her paying clientele gets a different sort of treatment or she’d never have created the successful business she has today.

I understand that some clients can be annoying. maybe they don’t listen or follow instructions. Maybe they are difficult to deal with. But it’s Patti’s job to serve and deliver, not belittle and berate.

Of course, I can’t wait until next week’s episode!

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12 thoughts on “Millionaire Matchmaker: Did Patti Step Over the Line?”

  1. Hello there,

    What a night, last night! Stacy was back! Should she be changed?? It is eassily to say no. And maybe she really isn’t.

    But when you look again: from the beginning she is treated a bit negative, I mean in a certain perspective.

    And it is very hard for people, to show another behavior then the behavior other people expect. When other people see you only through there eyes, the way they see you when they first met you, it is very difficult to change there way of viewing.

    But in the meantime…. what was Stacy thinking when she choosed Pete! Not that it wasn’t a nice guy (I don’t know him that well), but he gossipped about her, and Stacy wouldn’t see it! She ignored the signals that this wasn’t the right guy for her.

    And then the other guy. Nice, a bit like Kevin in the other episode. Sweet and soft face, kind, nice father figure for his child. And again Stacy didn’t see what she was doing: a movie about herself! I really think (not to be mean, but honestly) that she need help to know herself. She’s lost I think.

    And again…. she’s kicked out of Patti’s office. Patti shouldn’t yell, then she will achieve more attention of the woman in front of her. Then she will connect to a woman as Stacy. It’s a bit of a shame she didn’t. But the result, not a member anymore, was the right choice, I agree.

    Kind regards,

  2. By the way: Patti looks great during her fotoshoot in her red dress. She looks amazing young, not the 49 years (I believe) she is! 🙂

    In Holland we often find American women and girls seems much older then they are. But in Patti’s case it’s the other way around. A fine face, beautifull legs and a very nice body. My compliments to Patti, from Susan. 🙂

  3. Hello Ronnie,

    Maybe it is not the right spot to write this, but I want to share it, if it is okay with you. I would like to make a comment on another episode last week.

    I believe the millionaire’s name was David. When you just have a quick view, you’ll see an average guy, not especially good looking, but also not an ugly man.

    But….. what Patti noticed, I noticed too! There was something ‘wrong’ with him. And then the mix-dates… with his eyes he observed these woman as a predator, with some kind of x-ray eyes. Talking in their neck, bent over them, brr.

    And most of all: the date with one of the women. He went to a restaurant where they sell duck embryo (!!!) and some other awfull ‘food’. And then that look at her! So creepy. The first thing I thought: they could use him (or build a story around him!) in an episode of Criminial Minds. Maybe he’s eating human flesh or kills kittens or something lijke that. He makes me shiver, but not in he good way.

    I’m aware of the fact that it is not nice of me to judge someone. Especially a person I never met. So I’m sorry for that. But in the mean time I couldn’t be sillent about this.

    And then the way he talked to Patti, that he had the opinion that it was her mistake to match him with ‘such a woman’… unbelievable. I don’t think Patti’s way of communication is allways very correct or mature, but it’s clear what her (and mine) opinion is.

    I would suggest a more subtile way of communication. With a few words, or just a look, letting these men know what your point is.

    Okay, I think it is not all correct English, but I hope you will understand. 🙂


  4. Hi Susan,

    I also help those under 40 🙂 but most of my clietns are between 40-65. I even have some male clients.

    And yes, living together does count. I don’t say you have to marry, I just help people get waht they want – long-term relationship or marriage or new friends!

  5. Whoops, I know see that this site is a dating site! 🙂

    And only for people over 40 or divorced. I’m 36 and never been married. Though I lived together with a young man for 5 years. Does that count too? 😉

  6. Oh, how nice of you Ronnie to respons to my message!

    Every week I have a lot of comment. Right from the heart, positive comment and negative as well. I like the psychology of all people I see.

    I just live by myself and the only listeners to it are my dogs and cats. 😉

    And about Kevin…. well… euh… hmm… hihi.

  7. Susan – Thanks for givng us the Dutch insight into Patti’s show. I think you are on target about Kevin. And, nice invitation to him! Hey, you never know…

  8. Yesterday, may 11 2011, this episode was on Dutch television. To us, Dutch people, Patti (and all other American shows) are a bit over the top, but…. I allways watch it. 🙂

    I felt sorry for Kevin. He seemed such a nice, cute and genuine guy. The way he asked Sky to go out on a second date: so sweet. He deserves better I think, but I also think that he doesn’t have good sight on women AND himself. Otherwise he would see directly that Sky isn’t the right one for him.

    But most of all, he seemed to me a one of a kind NOT typical American guy. And we, in Holland, like that.

    So…. Kevin: let’s date! 🙂


  9. OMG Stacey needed to be kicked out of the office. Why the heck did she even want to be matched up? She is the one who went to Patti, not the other way around. I would have literally kicked her ass out of the office if I was Patti and not feel a bit the least bit bad about it. Oh, I know….and this just came to me. Patti should hook Shauna up with Stacey! lol

  10. I was surprised at how quickly Patti went from talking to shrieking at Stacey, then to throwing her out completely. There didn’t seem to be enough drama going on to warrant her over-the-top reaction and I wondered if this was a Bravo moment, contrived by the producer/director.


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