Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan Is Listed in the Top 12 Dating Blogs!

How excited was I to get this email from Arlene who writes a great blog herself. She told me how she had just chosen this dating coach and blogger as one of the Top 12 Dating Blogs to Save Your Relationship!

I feel so honored to be in such good company. Being recognized feels good no matter who does it or when. Does anyone get enough praise? I often ask this questions when I teach continuing education night classes and the answer is always a resounding “NO!”

Second on Arlene’s list is one of my buddies, the Dating Goddess. She has taken part in my Dating for Keeps Expo, my Decoding Dating audio series, and my blog-a-thon during Valentine’s week this year.

Arlene’s blog is a great resource for dating articles and lists of blogs she likes. Check it out if you’ve got a minute to see what you think. Her target audience seems younger, but hey – that could be a good thing right? After all, most of us want to be young at heart for sure.

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