Dating Over 40: Millionaire Matchmaker – Snobby Client Doesn’t Like Her Choices

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

Don’t you just love watching the Millionaire Matchmaker? Patti is a kick and seems to have started off the season with a bang.  First out of the gate – Bryce Gruber, heiress to the Dannon Yogurt fortune. Bryce who is 26, rich, a single mom and a New York socialite, gave Patti a tall order for her Mr. Right. A tall, Jewish, George Clooney type. r – even the young women want George Clooney – you can read about why that’s such a problem in this post. But for now, let’s put that aside.

Bryce didn’t find a good match at Patti’s mixer. She tweeted that the show made her look like a total snob. Can’t argue with that. She wasn’t very friendly to the man who took her out. She could have tried a little harder to make conversation and his life a little easier – even if he isn’t Mr. Right. And Bryce didn’t do much to make herself appear to be a delightful woman any man would enjoy spending time with. Too bad – that was a missed advertising opportunity.

But, here’s where I will defend her. She asked to be matched with older men. Patti’s options seemed to all be younger, one was even 25. When your client wants older, do what you can to deliver.

I find it hard to believe there aren’t tall, good looking, Jewish men in their late 30’s and 40’s who might want to meet Bryce. So while Bryce could have done more to enjoy herself and appear to be delightful to attract more men on and off the show, Patti missed the mark in my book, for her matches.

Last thought – ease up on Bryce. She’s still young and probably doesn’t have her prioritiess in order. After all she picked the ultimate charmer playboy George Clooney as her example guy and we know he is totally unavailable. Honey, look deeper at a man. Charming is not even skin deep, doesn’t last long, isn’t commitment-oriented and is certain to disappoint inthe long run, no matter how much fun eye-candy he is upfront.

As for the male client, Derek, not much to say about him. No matter how much Patti tried to help him change his ways, this leopard couldn’t change his spots. There on national TV, Derek choose Colby, who at 24 is all about partying. Derek says he wants to get married and have babies, but his little brain can only focus on making babies. Oh well Derek, until you can get that little brain to catch up to your big brain, you’re not finding a wife.

Lastly, is it me, or does our Millionaire Matchmaker seemed to have lost a little more patience this season? I can’t help but think her stomping around temper tantrums are Bravo inspired. The network built itself on in-your-face flare ups and confrontations. So, either Patti is fulfilling her Bravo contract, or NY is ruffling her feathers more than LA.

Time will tell…Can’t wait for next week’s episode with the Manzo brothers!

2 responses on “Dating Over 40: Millionaire Matchmaker – Snobby Client Doesn’t Like Her Choices

  1. Ronnie Post author

    Hi Michelle,

    First, thanks for the comment! Second – hope you get your TV soon,. But you can probably catch her on…Plus there are clips on her bravo site. Third – thanks for the blog compliment 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Hi Ronnie,

    I love this show, however, I am without TV so have not seen it. Thanks for the synopsis. As for Patti’s temper, I’m sure it’s all TV rating driven. I’d be a lot more patient if people were paying me the kind of money they are paying her.

    Love your blog – thanks,

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