Dating Over 40: Carolyn’s Date Life Coaching Session #4

If you’ve been following Carolyn’s date life, you know she’s been seeing Mr. X and is going on date #7. While everything seems to be sailing along nicely, there are still areas of datding to be explored!

As Carolyn’s Over 40 Dating Coach, I posed a couple of thought-provoking questions to make sure she’s on the right track. In addition, from my years of experience coaching thousands of women and my personal experience as well, I know how important it is to balance your heart with your mind during dating. Staying concscious in the process is so important to finding a solid relationship with sticking power.

Carolyn is very grounded and is most definitely using her HEAD and her HEART which you can hear when you listen to the recording of our 4th session below. Discover what she realizes as we discuss her feelings and strategies for love.

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