Dating After Divorce: Unsettled After Divorce? Get a Wedding Ring Coffin!

I found this site and really enjoyed the concept. If you are in the process of getting over your divorce and wish you could feel done with it, this may help. Here’s a final resting place for your wedding ring – a wedding ring coffin!

Dating After Divorce?

This product provides great symbolism. Perform a little closure ceremony and place that wedding ring in its own little coffin. RIP to that relationship and then you can move forward to find love again.

The folks at have a great sense of humor and perspective on divorce. Here’s an excerpt from their web site on how to create a ceremony of your own.

“Celebrating your divorce can be as somber or festive as you would like. The most important thing is to acknowledge it with a ceremony, a party, or both. Whatever kind of celebration you choose, you’ll definitely find the experience to be cathartic. You’ll feel a real sense of closure and it will help you to ‘bury the past and move on to a new tomorrow.’ “

Visit the Wedding Ring Coffin site to see the ring coffins they have in their store or to read celebrity divorce news. And you can like their Facebook fan page here . Take a spin by and see what you think.

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