Dating Over 40: Carolyn’s Dating Coaching Session #3

Carolyn had her third dating coaching session last night and things are starting to click! After a few weeks of dating practice, flirting with men, striking up conversations in line getting coffee and at the grocery store,  and generally becoming more aware of men in her environment, men are asking her out!

This is a tremendous shift for Carolyn from her previous experiences. She wasn’t meeting many men and so she wasn’t getting asked out. Doing her flirting practice, part of the 90 Challenge (which starts 10/18), has shifted her energy and made her more approachable. And more attractive (energetically) as well.

One thing that often happens to women who start dating a guy during this period in the challenge, is that they want to see where this one thing will go. They often close down options and want to stop seeking other prospects because its easier and more comfortable.

But I advise Carolyn this is not the best strategy for her. I call it the “Put all your eggs in his basket” trap and point out how its not in her best interest…yet. It’s just too soon to know if the guy she’s had three dates with has true Mr. Right potential. It takes time to get to know someone well enough to shut down your other options.

Listen to this snippet of our over 40 dating coaching session and find out why Carolyn will be continuing her flirting and meeting efforts while dating the new man.


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