Dating Over 40: Carolyn’s Dating Coaching Session #2

Last night, Carolyn, from Carolyn’s Date Life on Facebook, had her second dating coaching session.

The good news? Carolyn did her homework! Yeah!!!

She managed to talk to 5 men over the week. She also had a couple of epiphanies that have the power to shift her dating life to a new and better place.


  1. On many days, she doesn’t do more than work with her fitness clients and go home. Carolyn realized she doesn’t always even see men during her everyday life!  This is something that needs attention immediately.
  2. When she is out in public, Carolyn’s normal way of being is to stay on task, focused on what she has to get done, rather than looking up and noticing people. Never mind talking to anyone! This is something else that needs her attention.

Carolyn realized that she needed to keep these things top-of-mind. I refer to this in my book, MANifesting Mr. Right, as “Dater’s Mind” borrowing from Zen and it’s beginner’s mind.  Zen teaches the practice of mindfulness – and this is exactly what Carolyn can benefit from. If you are dating over 40, this mindfulness is crucial to your success in finding love.

Listen to our session to hear what her homework is for this week as she continues the 90 Day Challenge and meeting at least 5 guys per week to meet her goal of 50 MEN!


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