Dating Over 40: New Lovers Kissing on the Beach

Love after 40, 50, 60 etc.

I saw it with my own eyes.

Two people kissing on the beach last Sunday. They looked like a lovely couple. Both were tall and in their bathing suits. Both had grey hair.

It was the most perfect afternoon at the beach. The wind was light, blowing her shoulder-length, salt and pepper hair.  The tide was out and they stood on the sand bar, ankle deep in the water. The tiny waves rushed their ankles, covering and uncovering their feet.

They had been walking slowly, hand in hand through the light surf on one of the last summer afternoons of the season. They looked happy, even from afar. Then, they kissed…rather passionately.  It’s not a public beach, so there weren’t a lot of people watching. (There is public access for people like me .)

The woman’s back was to me and I could see they guy caressing her bottom…hmmm – hot action for the beach in daylight huh? My first thought was, maybe they should get a room.  But, this was not the behavior of a couple married for 25 years if you ask me. After all, the beach isn’t in Hawaii or Bora Bora and it wasn’t sunset. So, I started thinking, this must be a relatively new relationship!

There it is – proof before my eyes of what I already know so well to be true:

There is love after 40, after 50, after 60 , etc.
Yes, there is!

So, if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines wishing, yet doing nothing about your love life…
             -If you feel bitter about your social situation and complain about men
             -If you are too timid to try anything new
             -If you think all the good men are taken
             -If you think love has passed you by
             -If you think you already had your chance for love and that’s it
             -If you wince at the thought of dating again…

Then I hope reading this reminds you of what is possible. That couple on the beach in CT found love! You can do it too.

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photo credit A Single Atom

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