Dating Over 40: Are You Ready to Be Cherished with Barb Scala

Are you ready to be cherished in a relationship?  The interview below with Marilyn Graman, author of There Is No Prince and How to Be Cherished and myself was conducted by Barb Scala of Barb is a delightful speaker, author and coach, helping women sprout their dreams and grow their lives.

The interview covers a lot of ground including a very interesting admission by Marilyn about her relationship with her husband. She talked about how she thought her husband would demonstrate his love by following her rules. While he did love her, he didn’t always follow her rules and she talks about how she reconciled this divergence. A huge discovery!

We also discussed what closes you off to love and the critical viewing of men that interferes with your relationship success.

I also spoke about how all love starts with self-love and how it’s so important to get your own loving energy moving to attract the love you want. It’s about an hour, but it’s worth every minute.

Here’s how you can listen: Click here, then scroll down to May 13th – Are You Ready to Be Cherished?

Happy Listening!

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