Dating: Geri Brin Seeks Love for Her Son, Colby on the Today Show

Did you see the Today Show yesterday? Geri Brin and her son Colby were on discussing his Mom’s efforts to find him a mate. Mom, Geri Brin from who has a blog on the site, has started a section of the website for Mom’s who want to set their kids up.

She was asked, “Is this meddling Mom, setting your son up and creating a website?” Geri says “No.” Personally, I think its a great way to get publicity for her website and blog which does look pretty good. But quite frankly, it makes her son look like an idiot. Does he have any mind of his own? I’d be wary of a guy who is 31 and let’s his Mom pick out his dates.

Perhaps its just his 15 minutes of Andy Warhol fame.

He sounded OK – after all, he says he does fish on his own, but if his Mom finds some great women, why not? He dates about one in three of her matches.

Colby talked about the last date she set him up on – a very attractive woman but he dropped the ball and didn’t follow up.

What! He didn’t even follow up with a woman who is VERY ATTRACTIVE? Hey, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Hello, can you say testosterone? Where is yours?

Well, I guess you can’t blame a Mom for trying right? Good for you Geri. Maybe now that Colby’s been on national TV, your son will grow a set and find a good woman to settle down with.

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