Dating After Divorce: School’s Out for Summer! Get Your Social Life Moving

Dating over 40 during summerSo it’s the last day of June and everyone is finally done with school for the year. Now let the fun begin! That means mom’s too!

What will you do on your “summer vacation”? What new things will you try? What new places will you visit? Who will you meet?

Try this exercise right now”

Imagine that it’s Labor Day and you are looking back over the entire  summer.
What did you learn?
What do you wish you had done differently?
Did you have fun?
Did you meet new people?
Did you talk to lots of men?
Did you flirt and leverage your feminine charm?
How do you feel now?
Any regrets?

This is a very powerful exercise. Particularly true if you don’t want to look back with regrets. Summer is THE TIME FOR SOCIALIZING! Are you making plans? Calling friends, Searching the web and newspaper for local singles events you can attend? You better be!

When you choose me as dating coach, count on me to hold your feet to the romance fire. You are accountable and responsible for  your own summer enjoyment. That means if you want something to happen, get out there! Start planning. Meet new friends. Go to BBQs, the beach, the park. Walk, jog, bike, kayak. and more than anything else, smile and be friendly to EVERYONE.

If you live in the  northern part of the country, warm weather only comes around once a year. don’t let it slick through your fingers like you have in the past. The clock is ticking on your romantic life.

Wouldn’t you love to look back at a ton of fun?
Wouldn’t you feel good knowing you took a shot and got out there?
Wouldn’t you be happy with yourself if you tried at least three new things?
Wouldn’t you be thrilled to have had 5 dates with new men?

You can do it!

This summer belongs to you. Use it wisely. Make it all worthwhile. Take a few calculated risks to move your social life ahead.

No guts, no glory girlfriend. Yes, I am most definitely talking to you. Yes You!

Take out a sheet of paper and make a list right now of five things you will try. Promise yourself and me, your dating coach, that you will do everything in your power to make them come true.

You are in charge. Take advantage of your freedom and sex appeal babe. Use it or lose it.

Tick tock.

photo credit: Claudia_Ar

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