9/23 Where Are All the Good Men? – Milford, CT

Finally, the secrets to dating success will be revealed in this one-night class. You’ll get proven strategies and easy tips as you learn how to:

  1. Leverage your natural feminine charm
  2. Strike up a conversation
  3. Get into the right mindset to meet more prospects
  4. Make the most of any event or opportunity
  5. Improve your self-confidence and heighten your appeal
  6. Become an irresistible woman any man would want to meet

You’ll meet other like-minded single women to laugh and have fun with. And there will be plenty of time for your specific questions.

Thursday, September 23 from 7-9pm  – Milford Continuing Education, Milford, CT 

To Register Now, call 203-783-3461

2 thoughts on “9/23 Where Are All the Good Men? – Milford, CT”

  1. Greg – so you think it’s the fault of women that all men are bad? Interesting idea. I have found that personally I can’t make my husband do anything. He has to want to do something to go along with it. Seems pretty independently minded. If women are at fault – then men must be rather susceptible to group think and brain washing…I doubt that is the case.

    If you want to blame the media – well I might go along with that – at least that is gender neutral.

    Lastly, I don’t think all men are bad at all! That’s just ridiculous!

    The purpose of the class is for women to find a way to open their eyes, hearts and mind to the fact that good men are all around them, if they’d just give them a chance.

  2. Asking “where have all the good men gone” implies that men around you have almost all turned bad, while women are still “good”. This is a pretty unlikely situation — if all men were “bad”, that would mean that women slowly started giving up their standards until they now have none.

    If you haven’t noticed, both sexes are now pretty “bad”, reinforced by the media. For example,

    * many women act rude and obnoxious, not ladylike at all

    * many women use men for their wallets, in small and big ways

    * they don’t make a man feel like a man, i.e. good about his manly qualities

    * they don’t trust men

    * TV shows encourage bad behavior of men and women

    I think in this situation, you can clearly see how men are not in an environment where the behavior YOU may want is rewarded. They are in an environment which rewards exactly the behavior your see. A huge amount of men are naturally “nice” and well-meaning but the world changes them through feedback that they must act a little different. There is lots of variation but yes, for the most part, you can see how women have caused men to be this way. And I suppose the reverse is true too.


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