Marriage Proposal from the Grocery Aisle

What is one of the least likely places you can imagine a man proposing? Well, how about a Whole Foods grocery store? In front of an 80 lb. wheel of Parmigiano cheese. Oh those 30 somethings – aren’t they clever?

This is a great story though and apparently not the first marriage-related incident at a Whole Foods. Someone in Florida got married in one! Do you think they simply grazed at the salad and hot food bar?  Did they picnic at the tables near the front door? Was the store open at the time? Was this a private affair? This creates so many questions in my mind.

You can read all the details here

But honestly, don’t  you just love hearing these stories about unusual proposals? I do. I love it because it reminds me how many people fall in love every day. And get married. The wedding business is not shrinking at all. Nope, it’s thriving. Please let that fact spur you on and give you hope. For all you know, you could be next!

Get out there and meet lots of men. Mingle. maybe shop at Whole Foods – hey  – it could be something healthy in the air there…

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