Do You Feel Passed Over by Love? 5 Powerful Methods to Attract Love – Part 2

Matzoh Ball Soup

Matzoh Ball Soup

Tonight is the second night of the Jewish holiday Passover. It’s the story of the Jews being slaves in Egypt, and how Moses asked the Pharaoh to “let my people go.” But the Pharaoh didn’t want to release his work force, so God sent 10 plagues. The last plague was the taking of the first born. Moses had the Jews mark their front doors so the Angle of Death would “Pass Over” their homes, searching for the Egyptians.

And to add a layer, the Passover Seder (dinner) was also the last supper for Jesus and  his disciples, so this Bible story impacts countless millions around the globe.

How does this relate to being single?

Many of my over 40 dating coaching clients feel love has passed over them. Whether they’ve been through divorce or never married, this is not a helpful outlook on love. My work is to help turn this idea around and free you from the enslaving misconception that love has passed over you. This is not true unless you permit this negative belief to permeate your life

Here are the last two powerful methods to shift your dating karma and attract the love you want. (Read the first three here.)

4. Open Your Eyes, Mind and Heart to Love
If you want to believe that love is possible for you, you’ll first need to open your eyes, mind and heart to love. That requires noticing your inner chatter. When you walk down a street and see men, do you mostly criticize who they are or see potential? This is crucial to finding love. When you start hearing the inner critic bash the guy walking past you, switch gears and force yourself to find the good aspects he possesses. Someone might already love that man regardless of your first impression.

This is an extremely powerful exercise that is another coach’s creation brought to my attention by a client who took her workshop (sorry, I wish I knew her name).

Once you start to open your eyes and mind, your heart will automatically follow. An open heart is far more attractive than a closed down and critical heart that doesn’t believe love can be achieved.

5. Be Grateful for the Love that Does Exist in Your Life
Regardless of your situation, everyone has some love in their life. You may have love from your parents, children, friends, clients, pets, church community, and neighbors. Love comes in many shapes and sizes and just like method # 3 point out, even self-love.

When you count your blessings for the love that does exist and you do enjoy, you open yourself to even more love. Being grateful is the most amazing practice. If you haven’t given this a try, I highly recommend it. Too often, people are not even cognizant of the love they do have. The good things in life are frequently over shadowed by what ever is missing. Its part of the human condition to focus on what isn’t working and what we don’t have.

I learned this while in coaching school from Terri Levine. When Terri coached me, she’d make me start each session with something positive, strengthening my ability to see what is good. I’m just like everyone else and wanted to begin our sessions by complaining about my problems. Terri never put up with this and I am very grateful for her discipline and encouragement.

Try being grateful for what is good and the love you do have and watch how things start to shift as a result.

My greatest hope and desire is that you will read these five powerful methods to attract love and try at least one so that you can start attracting the love you want. You deserve love. Love is real. Love is possible for you. The right man for you is out there! You can attract and meet him. I found my man at 41 that’s why I know deep within my heart that you can do it too!

If you’d like more affirmations to help you believe in love and influence you at the subconscious level, get my audio program “I Believe: Affirmations to Attract Love Now” It’s marked down from $29.95 to just $12.97 as my holiday gift for you. Get it now.

2 responses on “Do You Feel Passed Over by Love? 5 Powerful Methods to Attract Love – Part 2

  1. Ronnie Post author

    Thanks Cathy – sounds like a fantastic workshop! Keep up that open approach and enjoy

  2. Cathy J

    I like the imagery of walking down the street being open to love.

    On the weekend I attended one of the most inspiring conferences of my life. It was on wealth creation Australia, Australian city tour with Stuart Zadel. The base premise was to create wealth to make a difference. There was even a session on ‘love’!

    Since then I have felt like a butterfly, so many men around my age (and single ones), probably the most I have seen in my life. Not only during the conference where we were encouraged to shuffle our seating every session, but at the pizza shop, the plumber, going to the shop.

    So Ronnie, I totally agree and know the results.

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