Dating Over 40: 8 Love Lessons for Hanukkah – Limited Time ebook

8 Love Lessons for Hanukkah
8 Love Lessons for Hanukkah

Hanukkah starts tonight!  This Jewish holiday, also referred to as the Festival of Lights, features the menorah with nine candles. One candle for each day and a nineth to light the others.

The historical event remembered dates back to ancient history when Judah Macabee lead his people to a victory over a group of agressors. during the battle, the temple lamp oil lasted for eight days (even though only enough for one day) while waiting for a fresh supply.

To celebrate, I have  a special Hanukkah gift for my readers. Whether you are single and Jewish or not, please feel free to download my newest ebook: 8 Love Lessons for Hanukkah. Inside you’ll find eight savvy dating tips for all single women (one for each day of the holiday). It’s not just about Jewish dating and Jewish singles; these lessons can be applied by any single woman looking for a romantic partner.

You can download your copy here. And please feel free to share the ebook with your single girlfriends, coworkers, and family members who might enjoy and benefit from the suggestions to improve their dating results. Send them here to download a copy of the book for themselves!

It’s my way of shedding light on the subject of finding love during the holiday season.

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