Dating Over 40: Bella Zadore Interviews Ronnie Ann Ryan

bellasite_copy4-726x675Last month I was the first featured Goddess for the Bella Zadore community. Valeria Roncoli, the creator of the Bella Zadore characters (there are 12 fabulous women characters!) asked me to kick off her launch of the brand. I wrote about the event which was a lot of fun.

Just last week, I met up with Valeria again to record an interview. She asked me about being a Goddess (every woman is you know), how I got to be a dating coach, any tips I had and a few other questions. It was really fun! If you’d like to listen, click here

Valeria is from Brazil and has a fabulous, sexy accent. She quite literally towers over me since I’m not quite 5 feet tall (but don’t tell anyone – I always fib a bit to say I am) and she must be 6 feet. You’ll see in the photo on her podcast page. This woman is amazingly creative and has a graphic studio – VR Studio as well.

She is looking to license the Bella Zadore line and has created the community with many Goddess experts lined up to share their wisdom. Valeria’s purpose is to help empower women which is just what we all need.

Don’t sit on the sidelines – get involved – it’s fun!

You can visit the community at to learn more. Poke around, check out the blogs and sign up to participate. It’s fun!

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