Dating Over 40: Advanced Flirting Tips – Part 2

Ready for more flirting tips? Four more suggestions to maximize your dating over 40 flirting efforts are coming your way in my second Youtube video.  Once you’ve got the basics down as I pointed in out the first video, add these tips to strengthen your feminine charm.

Included in the second video are some body language suggestions that have been proven to work through loads of social research. Silly as these things may sound, they are based on researched facts! Even Princess Diana was famous for one of these moves as you’ll hear about in the video. My dating coaching clients rave about these body language tips.

Surprisingly, we read body language and make judgments about people in this way all the time. Yet we rarely attribute our feelings back to body language. It’s such an innate skill, most people hardly ever recognize where the details originated from to make these judgments.

My favorite body language story example dates back to our own ancient history. Did you ever watch cowboy and Indian movies? Remember those classic films where the Native American chief would hold up a hand, palm forward and say “How”? What do you think was actually being communicated?

That hand motion dates back to the beginning of time for man and is meant to convey,  “I have no weapon.” Showing the open palm makes it clear that no weapon is being concealed and therefore the person is safe to approach. Today we have converted this archaic hand signal into a wave as a greeting – “hello.”

If you are dating over 40 or dating after divorce, try these body language moves and you’ll soon be enjoying great results. I have shared these tips with over 1,500 dating coaching clients to help them find the love they want and deserve. Those who have given flirting a try, do report positive experiences. A little practice will go along way so that you can  start to do these things naturally and feel more confident.

Don’t wait for the perfect guy. Start with any men where you feel safe. The guy behind the deli counter or in a toll booth.  Perhaps a waiter or the guy at the gas station. Maybe a bank teller or at the dry cleaners. Men are quite literally everywhere so you have countless opportunities to give this a try.  (And almost no excuses not to!)

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Stay tuned for video three coming your way soon.

8 thoughts on “Dating Over 40: Advanced Flirting Tips – Part 2”

  1. Cross your legs and dangle your shoe off your toe. Love it! I think a lot of these tips are part of the basic vocabulary of being a girl, but I like this article and this video because it points them out to me. I can now use these natural moments of body language purposefully and intentionally.

  2. I agree and have always done all the things you mentioned, though not consciously. The only exception is the sizing up as I personally find this too brazen. Though I have check out a guys bodies on the sly, and a few times noticed them noticing me notice them. I think that works better since it’s much more subtle and doesn’t scream ‘I WANT TO GET LAID.’ LOL!

  3. Thanks for the reminders/I forgot these flirty moves. I forgot this was flirting–I lookforward to more refreshers. You give me hope.

  4. I can be friendly with men that are just brief encounters (in an elevator, at deli, etc.) where I’m not concerned if they’re interested or will “like me back”. Trying to attract someone’s attention is much harder – I’ll try your tips and hopefully it will get easier!

  5. Hello,

    I am certainly going to try. I caugh a guy looking at me today and as soon as my eyes met his, I got scared and turned away… Next time I will count out two or three seconds before I lower my eyes 🙂


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