Over 40 Dating: Recipe for Peace of Mind & Greater Joy

sunshine&cloudsDo you worry about things? I do sometimes. I just can’t stand it when the worry takes over my brain so I look for ways to distract myself and stop over thinking.  I’m talking about those endless thought loops where you go over something and over it – which can really create anxiety. Ever happen to you? It happens to almost everyone.

In my quest to conquer my run away brain, I came up with this meditation. It has really worked for me. When I’m done reading the following paragraph, my energy is lifted and I feel so much better. The whole process takes about 3-5 minutes, although you could spend longer if you really wanted to get into the meditative state.

The process is based on the Universal Principle called the Law of Attraction  where “like attracts like.”  When you raise your energy or vibration to match what you want, rather than letting it sink down through fear, worry, or complaining, you will automatically feel more relaxed and connect with any possible joy. Who doesn’t want that?

Give it a try and see what you think.

Recipe for Peace-of-Mind & Greater Joy

Connect with the Oneness and expand your energy
Celebrate that you are a part of everything
Elevate your energy to the level you desire
Shine like the sun
Beam love and joy from your heart
Embrace and be the effervescent and sparkling being you already are
Flow with the Universe and blossom
Be grateful for all you are and have today.

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