Dating Over 40: How to Have More Dates than Ever

The more I read, the more clients I work with, the more clear things become. The recipe for finding love has revealed itself to me. I will share it here and now. Come closer so I can whisper the secret in your ear.

  • Let go of your ideas of perfection
  • Stop getting in your own way
  • Say yes more than you say no
  • Open your heart to love and men
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable, yet savvy
  • Don’t listen to all that inner chatter
  • Date just to tell a new story
  • Appreciate and enjoy men
  • When one situation doesn’t work out, ask yourself – who’s next?
  • Connect with your inner Goddess and unleash your allure
  • Let your irresistible nature show
  • Know that you are worthy of love
  • Believe that finding love is possible for you

This may seem like a long list, but most tips fall into only two categories

1. Love and be yourself
2. Let go fo fear, take the pressure off and just date

Does it surprise you to seem so simple? Is it possible that dating to find the right man could be so basic? What if all you had to do is follow these two rules?

If you could find a way to start fresh and follow these two elementary guidelines, would you?

It might seem easier when read then to implement, but it is totally possible. All that is required is a decision that you can make in the snap of your fingers. Make the decision. Start today, right now.

Then put on something pretty including your smile and get out there.

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