Dating Over 40: From the Millionaire Matchmaker & The Chilled Vodka Room to Rock of Love on Ellen

I love this show! Have you seen the lastest episodes of the Millionaire Matchmaker? Last week’s was over the top for one guy. Patti was trying to help Laurence with his dating strategy – he’s not a quick study. Not only didn’t he follow Patti’s sage advice, but he did everything she told him not to do including inviting his date to go to Vegas spur of the moment.  What a surprise that she said “NO!” 

Laurence is going no where fast. During the debrief with Patti, he actually told her that his date should CALL HIM since she rejected his Vegas request. Are you KIDDING me? How could he even come up with such a ridiculous thought – he really is completely delusional about his role in dating and women. This is just more proof that money is not the end all be all. Certainly not in Laurence’s case. Patti kicked him out of her office. Smart move Patti.

On another bizarre note, Brett Michaels was on the Ellen Degeneres show recently talking about not one, not two, but three seasons of Rock of Love on MTV. What a shocker that he still hasn’t settled down with a woman of his own choosing. What a complete and total sham. Ellen didn’t buy into any of it. You go girl!

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