Dating Over 40: What he thinks she wants to hear AND What she thinks she wants to hear

Last night I was emailing with a single guy friend about my presentation at Long Wharf, a pre-show to the play Bad Dates. George wanted to know how things went and of course if there were any hot women. I wrote back and let him know that things went well, and yes, infact, he had missed a number of very hot women.

Boo Hoo George.

George’s next email said,

“So I should have parked myself in the lobby with a sign around my neck saying: “Straight, disease-free, and available.”

I had to differ with him. Even though he is an accomplished advertising guy, he missed the mark on what his target audience wants to hear. At least from this dating coach’s perspective. I suggested this text for his sign would do much better to help him meet the hotties:

Charming, but not a player
Successful and relationship ready
Generous, supportive, active and a bit devilish

Any hotties out there who want to chime in on the ad campaign? Please do!

2 responses on “Dating Over 40: What he thinks she wants to hear AND What she thinks she wants to hear

  1. Ronnie Post author

    Terry – spoken like the expert writer/dating you are! It’s all about the benefits. I was shocked George didn’t catch on to these ad basics himself being the ad man and all!

  2. Terry

    How ’bout honest, loving, and loves to laugh? Finds the silver lining around every cloud?

    Hey, George, I’ll bet you’re a great guy, but you gotta sell the benefits! (Straight, disease-free, and available are merely necessities.)

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