Dating Over 40: According to the NY Times, the Dating Industry is Booming!

I just read an article about the dating biz that may surprise you.  With the recession and all the bad news, the dating business is booming! It does make sense to me though – because when the chips are down, the thought of having someone to lean on brings comfort.

So how good are things going for matchmakers and online dating sites? Check out these stats: was up 51% in 4th quarter ”08 and 30% more in January ’09 is up 60% since October ’08 -North America is up 17% in December ’08

A similar spike was seen in the industry during 2001 after 9/11.

One thing noted in the article, was the shift of dating criteria opening to include humility, versus focus on the right job and money in a partner.  As the desire for partnership rises, the softening of criteria becomes more plausible.

You may want to read the whole article. I think it’s great that seeking a partner is on the rise.  According to the AARP, only 16% of single adults DO anything to change their single status. Since two can live more cheaply than one, perhaps the economy will bring more couples together. Now that you know there are more people looking, that’s another reason to get out there!

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