Dating Over 40: Even a 9 year old has published dating advice!


It’s very competitive out there for dating professionals like myself. And with this latest piece of news, my territory is even being encroached upon my a grade schooler!

Yes, there’s a new book written by 9-year-old called How to Talk to Girls, that is hitting bookshelves nationally. Alec Greven is in fourth grade, but has plenty to say about what makes girls happy. He had a writing assignment for school which tunred into a pamphlet he sold at his school book fair. And then, get this, publishing giant HarperCollins picked up his book!

Here are a few chapter titles:
  • “The Facts of Life”  Life is hard, move on. (Thanks Alec, smart man)
  • “There’s a Girl for Every Boy” 
  • “How to Get a Girl’s Attention” – he claims girls don’t like showoffs. Is that true ladies?
  • “What to Say to Girls”
  • “Success.”  Don’t cheer in front of the girl you win over. (I call this "managing your enthusiasm")
Alec has some pretty savvy advice like going easy on the compliments and not looking desperate. Very wise for any age. He also advises boys to beware of pretty girls and recommends that they stick to "regular" girls. Oh really Alec – been burned already?

Kids say the  darnedest things don’t they?
What’s next? A Kid’s Guide to the Kama Sutra?


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