Dating After Divorce: What if he’s just an inch taller?


Dear Ronnie,

I am meeting a new  guy who is 5’7", just an inch taller than me.  The question is, should I wear my usual jeans with my 2" heel boots or should I wear flats and buy a new, shorter pair of jeans to accomodate him?
I like the look of the jeans with boots, but if this could be a deal breaker with a potentially nice man and possible future dates, please let me know.
Thanks dating guru,
Ms. Five-Six

Dear Ms. Five-Six,
Good question!
Some would say do what you can, within reason, to make a man feel comfortable.
When you make room for a man to be a man, you are using your feminine power and allure. That can be a very savvy dating strategy. When your date feels good next to you and around you, he will think well of you. Since you feel he has potential as one of the nice guys, this is a smart move.
Keep in mind that a man of 5’7" will be at least 5’8" in his shoes or more, so the 2"
heel might not make you taller. Even my husband’s sneakers add more than one inche to his height.
Some would say – be yourself and wear the boots. And that is OK too.
If the height doesn’t matter to you and you are willing to date a shorter man, then buy the jeans – not for this particular guy, but for any short men you may meet. This way you are prepared for any man and won’t think of the jeans as the ones you bought to meet this particular guy.

Have fun!

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  1. I say wear the boots!! if the guy is confident it doesn’t matter. Look at Michael J Fox… you would never know he was short unless you see him next to his wife…she is a good two inches taller than he is. Do you think he cares???


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