Dating Over 40: Sick of Cityslickers? Meet a Farmer!


One of my clients, Cindy sent me this site as a hoot. Thank goodness for clients who keep me up on everything that’s out there.

This is very funny and a good resource probably for rural Americans where might not be well populated. Visit FarmersOnly a web site dedicated to farmers, ranchers, agriculture students, livestock owners, cowboys and girls, rodeo fans and country wannabes. I am NOT kidding! This is for real.

The site’s home page features that famous artwork of a man and woman – farmers with the ptich fork  – you konw the one I mean right? It’s a classic.

Today the site is featuring a young guy nicknamed Flynrek – 23, cowboy hat, plaid shirt – whoooo he looks like a cutie!

Have you  seen the movie Georgia Rule.  Its a great movie with Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan and some really cute, young rancher guy set in Idaho. Some of those guys look pretty good to me. I know, I know, its only a movie. But what the heck?

And who knows? country folk might like sassy urban women.  If you’re sick of cityslickers, maybe this is an alternative…

 If you’ve got a free minute – check out the FarmersOnly site, especially if you are outside the city, not just suburban, but in the US heartland. Yippe ka yea!




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