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Tips for Singles: How to Cope During the Holiday Season
Local Dating Experts Offer Ways for Singles to Ease the Pressures of the Holidays
(Milford, CT, November 18, 2008)- From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, singles are destined to deal with the social pressures of being unattached during the holidays.
Whether it’s questions about your dating status from well-meaning relatives or the task of finding a date for the office holiday party, singles face a myriad of emotions and stressful situations during the holiday season.
"Take charge of your social calendar. Look in the newspaper and online for single events, then put them in your date book. Call your friends and family and set a time to get together," suggest Ronnie Ann Ryan, CT-based, the Dating Coach and author of MANifesting Mr. Right: It’s Never Too Late to Find the Love You Want. “Planned activities on the calendar gives singles something fun to look forward to so they can enjoy the season rather than fret about it."
At a time of year when the emphasis is on love, couples and family, singles often feel out of place. Instead of withdrawing and trying to avoid these socially uncomfortable situations, adjust your frame of mind says Ryan.
“The very idea of being alone during the holidays can be very trying for some singles,” says John Holt, owner of Tri-State Dating, a matchmaking service that works with singles in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. “Compound that with external pressures and expectations that come with the holiday season and it can result in a lot of frustration.”
Holt and Ryan offer more tips to help singles cope during the holiday season:
Pamper Yourself
When is there a better time to take care of yourself than during the holidays? Treat yourself to something special once a week between now and the new year. It will give a boost to your overall frame of mind.
Gather With Other Singles
Among the many holiday parties on your schedule, be sure to find functions where you know there will be plenty of singles in attendance. Or have your own ‘Singles’ party for unattached friends and acquaintances only!
Attitude is Everything
Decide, in advance, to be positive, open and confident in all your personal interactions this season. “Avoid negativity,” says Holt. “By showing the energy and vitality in your personality, you’ll send signals that you are fun and easy to be with.”
Hire a Matchmaker or Dating Coach
Look to a professional to help you find companionship for the holiday season. A specialist can introduce you to the type of person you’re looking for without the hassles of weeding through thousands of singles online. Plus, working with a dating coach can help make sure you avoid self-sabotaging thinking and behaviors, as well as provide helpful tips to make the most of your dating efforts.
Body Language
Focus on relieving your mind of all self doubt and it will come through in your actions. Be inviting, alluring and flirtatious by conveying proper body language and positive non verbal communications.  “For example, avoid standing with your arms crossed, which signals that you’re not approachable,” says Ryan.
Take A Break
When the holiday pressures are mounting, plan a get away to escape it all. Whether it’s for a day, a weekend or an entire week’s vacation, take a break to get refreshed and renewed. 
About Ronnie Ann Ryan, the Dating Coach
CT-based Dating Coach, Ronnie Ann Ryan, author of MANifesting Mr. Right: It’s Never Too Late to Find the Love You Want, provides dating strategies, coaching and web dating profile writing that has helped over 1,000 people jumpstart or accelerate their search for love. For more dating advice or tips on how to find love, contact Ryan at 203.877.3777 or visit www.nevertoolate.biz.
About Tri-State Dating Services
Tri-State Dating Services uses a highly personalized approach working with singles in CT, RI and MA to find that significant person for you.  Based on owner John Holt’s personal, in depth interviews, he individually selects each introduction and match which is why Tri-State Dating has such a high success rate.  Holt a trusted resource who performs quality evaluations and matchmaking with professionalism.  Tri-State Dating can be reached at 800-252-6210 or contact@tri-statedatingservice.com.


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