Dating OVer 40: Sugar Mummies and More


Ok Cougars made it the Today Show last Friday. Linda Franklin, from was on along with two others. You can watch the video click here. Apparently, in England, 25% of women are married to younger men, much younger. They aired an interview with one couple where the woman is 32 years older! Whoa baby! And in hte US, the now famous AARP study showed that over 30 of women over 40 were dating younger guys.

Real Cougar Women are ready to have fun themselves. They’ve done enough of taking care of others, its all about fun! They frown on  the "boy-toy" terminology  and take this desire for youth very seriously. It’s no different than all those guys out there hoping to snag a much younger woman right?

There is a Cougars and Sugar Mummies TV show that aired on NBC last sunday night. How could I have msised it?!? Well maybe I’ll catch it next time.If you did see it, please fill me in and post a comment!

Tips to attract younger men?

Well, tehy don’t like bling and tasteless cleavage. Young guys want you to dress and act age appropriately and be your confident self. That’s what attracts them most.

You’ll get a kick out of this s segment so take a look and enjoy.

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