Dating Over 40: Halloween Hottie or Harlot?

My good friend and fellow dating advisor, Terry Hernon MacDonald wrote an excellent post on her blog about Halloween costumes. Terry feels that in recent years, women have taken to wearing more revealing costumes with plunging necklines and sky-high FMP heels. She wonders what happened to looking pretty. Her main concern of course is that prancing around in a slutty-looking costume will attract the wrong kind of male attention. And I must agree!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of dressing up for Halloween . Wearing a mask and creating a new persona definitely lowers inhibitions which is what makes this the perfect singles holiday. It’s so easy to start conversations with strangers come up with comments about the get-ups. Just be conscious of what message you want to send with your outfit..

I’m not a prude either and I totally get that you want to look hot. Go for it!  However, keep in mind that leaving something to the imagination is a huge part of attraction. Less is more. Not less clothing, but less revealing. Attraction and fantasy go hand in hand, so please leave him something to think about.

Choose a flattering costume that shows off what you’ve got, but show a sense of taste as well. If you’re just looking to party – go ahead and don that hoochie mama look.  But if you want to attract a good man of substance, use a bit more restraint. You’ll still look hot, without letting it all hang out.

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