Dating Over 40: Is it Safe to Use Your email Address with Your Acquaintances?

I learned something new today from a tech friend about email addresses. A client asked me if using her regular email is safe on match vs going through the match email service. I wasn’t sure so I asked my friend.

I figured if your email address doesn’t have your real full name in it, and you use a free service like gmail or yahoo or  hotmail, you’d automatically be safe. Well, not necessarily…

Here’s how to know for sure. Google you email address. If you have ever signed up for anything with your email and home address that required your full name – not good. It will likely show up. So, if you are very security conscious, before you start emailing , Google your email or get a new one and don’t sign up for anything using this address. Keep your match email strictly for that sole purpose.

Be safe out there, but have fun too!

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