Dating Over 40: Still Shaking Her Booty at 88

I went to breakfast Sunday morning at the diner in town. After i got in line, a small older woman came through the door. As she entered, she put her hands above her head, shook her hips and said, "I’m 88 today!" Then, in walked her 92 year old husband.

They sat at a table with others to celebrate her birthday and I couldn’t help but over hear how the couple had been married for 67 years.

SIXTY SEVEN YEARS?!? Wow that’s a long time. I’ve been married now for 8 years and we’ll never have that longevity because we started too late. But I am impressed on many levels with this lady.

First of all – she was SO happy to be 88 that she danced in the diner lobby. Think about that. I didn’t do any dance this year and I’m only 51 (oooh did I just admit that?)  But this woman announced her years in front of several perfect strangers and did a jig to boot. She didn’t amble in all crotchety and bummed out about her age – she celebrated out loud! Very inspiring.

Second, her husband of 67 years was close behind and smiling too. How nice is that?

Third, she had people to share a birthday breakfast with and open gifts. They all seemed to be having a very good time.

This whole episode made my Sunday and I’m still thinking about it today. When you notice or find couples who inspire you – really take it in and give thanks. Every time that scene comes to mind, it makes me smile and feel her happiness all over again. I hope I can be like that as I age – enjoying every moment and spreading good cheer. I’m making it my goal to start today!

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