Dating Over 40: Tobey McGuire Buys Rights to Lori Gottlieb’s Article “Marry Him – The Case for Settling”

Is this really movie material? The article from March’s Atlantic Monthly caused a tremendous brew haha. Bloggers ranted – i did too. She did the talk show circuit. And now – the rights have been purchasee to make this story into a film.

Did Tobey buy a smash hit? maybe. It’s a chick flick waiting to happen. Just like the recent movie 27 Dresses, but instead of cute, it wil likely be depressing and whiny.

Feminists were up in arms about this article as well as many others Yet, I do think she had a point. Not to settle for something that is beneath you, but to get real about what’s posible. To make realistic compromises. Not choices that will make you miserable and lead to certain divorce, but choies taht open doors and more possibilities.

Well, I for one will look forwad to seeing the movie. Here’s what they had to say in the NY Observer and my comment.

Hey Tobey – what about the rights to  my story? At least it has a happy ending so far!


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