Dating After Divorce: Kiss an Italian Day?

March 25th was Kiss an  Italian Day and I missed it! bummer! Why didn’t I know this earlier?

I just learend about this new "holiday" on Facebook. Still a novice, I’m trying to get my feet wet. Right now they are quite soggy and I’m leaving drippy footprints wherever I go.

Back to Kiss an Italian Day. So even if the official so called holiday was two weeks ago – who cares? If you’ve got an Italian to kiss – go for it. And if you know an Italian you’ve been dying to kiss – go for it. Just blame it on Facebook’s announcement. Apologize for the tardiness of your action – but I doubt that will be an issue. The recipient of your smooch will be too stunned to worry that you got the date wrong.

Now this is a good story wating to happen. Please write and tell me what happened! Someone out there has got to end up with a really tall tale out of his one!



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