Dating Over 40: The April “Get Out There” Challenge

Ive got a challenge for you. And it’s big. Not the Pepsi challenge. Oh no. It’s a big one and if you take it on, you will dramatically improve your chance for spring and summer romance 10 fold. No kidding. No April Fool’s joke.

Outside it’s warming up. So that hibernation excuse has limited continued usage. Ready to stop dilly- dallying around? Finding love will take some effort and time. but it can also be a fun adventure! Here’s my Get Out There Challenge for you this month:

1) Pick three new ways to meet prospects this month and make sure you go! That’s not even one event a week, so no whining about too much pressure. Drag a friend or go solo if you have to, but GO. No excuses.

2) Next, try talking to five new people a week. According to Annie Gleason, this month’s Decoding Dating interview expert who is also a dating coach, she has her clients talk to three new people EVERY DAY! I’m only asking you do speak to five people a week, not even one per day.

Stretch a little. When you get used to doing new things and talking to people on a regular basis, it no longer becomes a big deal. You’ll not only feel more comfortable, but you’ll actually get good at it.

Imagine what it would be like to easily flirt, start a conversation, and meet new people. Believe me, that confidence will make you VERY attractive to the opposite s-e-x. Both men and women choose confidence as one of the most desired personality qualities. Your dating karma will change for sure if you simply take on these two challenges.

Take the challenge. Play life large.  Stick your neck out and get good at friendliness. Really, there’s only upside to this commitment. Do it now. Committ yourself to the April Get Out There Challenge and get going to find the love you want and deserve.

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