Dating Over 40: Katie Couric – She’s a Cougar with a Boyfriend of 33

Have you seen Katie Couric lately? I don’t watch the news so I haven’t been keeping up but she looks really good. And she seems to be smiling a lot – why is that you may wonder. well at 51, Katie is dating Brooks Perlin, a rich, entrepreneur of just 33 years. Gee, that’s an 18 year difference. Hence the newest of labels applies here – "Cougar."

Scuttlebutt says that she wanted to marry this guy but her kids said "No way Mom."  What do you think about your kids telling you how to run your love life? Not having any children, I’m not quite sure what I think about this – but it could make for a great discussion…

How she met this triathlon running guy from Darien, CT? At a high-end cancer fund raiser. You want to find the rich? That’s one place they frequent – expensive fund raisers of all kinds.

Anyway, the couple has been seen at New York clubs like Gramercy Hotel’s Rose Bar and "21" Club, skiing in Sun Valley and  at the Super Bowl in Miami. I say, "Katie – you go girl. Have some fun for all of us!"


6 responses on “Dating Over 40: Katie Couric – She’s a Cougar with a Boyfriend of 33

  1. Sueann

    I am dating a man 15 years younger. It is the best relationship I’ve ever had.
    We love each and who knows what the future holds. Enjoy girl!

  2. Miami Girl

    Great Katie,
    You need a younger man, more fun and other stuff going on if you know what I mean. I say enjoy!

  3. Texas Sweetie

    I’m also dating a man 18 years younger. It’s the most amazing relationship. If we ever choose to get married, no one will make that decision but us. I’m the mother of two, and they feel that if I am happy, and he treats me well, then they are happy for me. Good luck to Katie, hope she is as happy as I am.

  4. Dallas Cowboy

    I wish cougars were out there in force when I was in my late 20’s & 30’s. Man, I sure do miss out.

  5. Another Cougar

    I’m a cougar as well dating a man 17 years my junior…he’s no couch potato and the frequent dining and dancing is what I’ve always wanted…I’m with you on this one, Katie! Cheers and botox to us all…..

  6. Donald

    Hi I wish Katie all the best but 18 yrs older is bit to mush as she gets older 18 yrs well make a big difference she couldbe his mother they are happy for now thats what matters I would like to take Katie out to dinner she sames like a very nice lady needs todate some one like me Iam aroun d her age Lol all the best to her

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