Dating Over 40: Millionaire Matchmaker Ends with Proposal-Please Don’t Try This at Home!

Did you catch the last episode of Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo? What a shocker! One of her clients, Paul met his first match, Cidney, and during the date while flying around in a helicopter, he asked her to marry him! I was stunned.

Talk about love at first sight. Is that really possible? Maybe it was altitude sickness?

And what did the Cidney say in response? Her exact words were a hesitantly delivered "I’ll consider it."  Yet, it appeared that Paul heard her say "Yes," and  called to tell Patti. You can watch the video clip after-date interviews of both parties here

And as it turns out, Cidney moved from LA to live with him in Las Vegas while they start planning their wedding! I can’t possibly use enough exclamation points to convey my emotional reaction.

Well I suppose this is no different than an arranged marriage, but on national TV in the USA? Paul was totally taken with Cidney, she looks good, is intelligent and well educated, comes from a good family, is the same religion, and shares the goal of marrying and starting a family.

Why shop around? Paul decided to just go for it.

OK, I’ve watched enough TV for a while. Dear readers, please don’t try this at home. This is Reality TV after all and not REAL LIFE. but it did make for good TV and that’s what the goal was here.

So the season wraps up with a kicker! Whoa. Let’s see if it comes back for another round – and how do you follow that act?

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