Dating After Divorce: If You’re 30, Do You Think the Point of Dating is Strictly for Reproducing?

I found this article that is an interesting rebuttal to the Marry Him article about settling in the Atlantic Monthly. Meghan Daum, in the LA Times, writes about Finding Mr. Good Enough and basically questions whether having children really is every 30 something woman’s primary goal for relationship. And should it be?

Meghan seems to feel that child rearing isn’t for everyone and that is where Lori Gottlieb’s original article got off base.

I of course had my own response – focusing more on redefining what the word "Settling" really means. If it means moving beyond unrealistic expectations of men, I’m all for settling. But not feeling poorly about your choice or feeling like  you got less than you deserved. That just creates resentment.

Anyway, if you’re 30 something and thinking about your options for having children, Meghan’s article is a great quick read. She makes some excellent points. Frankly I’m just fascinated with all the different aspects of this one article Lori Gottlieb wrote – and how it spawned such a flurry of conversation.  Good for your Lori!


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