Dating Over 40: Cougars – The Newest Trend in Dating

Now that women have come into their own regarding business, career, money and power, we are starting to see evidence of how that power can turn a woman’s head. Or a younger man’s. Enter the Cougars, a term (whose origins are being argued over)  to describe a newly emerging group of s-e-x-y, 40+ women who seek the company of the younger man.

While the concept is not a new one (after all, Catherine the Great entertained younger men) it has become en vogue. We can thank  Demi Moore who influenced today’s pop culture more than anyone regarding this penchant for women to rob the cradle.

Not all Cougars want to marry or commit either. Some want to play the field, starting up a girl’s club that rivals the old boys club. In fact, Linda Franklin, a Boston based coach started the Yes, I’ll admit I visited – I was curious. But you can’t see a thing unless you sign up. So I did! After all, my husband is 4 years younger, so I say that qualifies me to some degree.

Starting to explore, Linda has a busy blog and plenty of interesting discussion about dating younger men and the possible complications, twists and turns involved, when you get involved…

There’s a very long, but very interesting article in the Boston Globe that discusses the trend in detail  – starting with Barbara Walters and how she brought this topic up on the View. Too bad I didn’t get to see that show! Any way, I think it’s great reading and may get your mojo going. It’s proof that there are many ways to run your romantic life, not just the plain Jane. Skim it over and tell me what you think!


3 thoughts on “Dating Over 40: Cougars – The Newest Trend in Dating”

  1. Kurt, thanks for pointing out the horse thing but I’m wondering, sounds a little like sour grapes maybe regarding the younger guys…

    Jeff of Manslations fame – great post on “what if he is intimidated? You really spelled it out for the asker. Hey cougars, if you’re attracted to youngins, might as well be warm vs. aloof to them, right? Especially if being aloof sends the wrong message.


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