Dating Over 40: Millionaire Matchmaker Snarls at the Help

Last night I watched a Millionaire Matchmaker marathon and caught up on several episodes. What did I find most entertaining? Patti flipped out when one of her matchmakerettes asked for a bigger commission. Not very flattering Patti. Didn’t you know we’re all watching? According to Patti, she already pays a higher commission than the industry standard, 20% vs. 10%.

Putting that aside, the shows are fascinating and in all honesty, Patti is pretty darn good. She’s a straight shooter with the guys. She speaks her mind freely, tells her clients where they have gone wrong and fires clients who won’t listen or follow her rules. Smart cookie. The success rate drops when working with impossible people.

I like the show’s format. She meets and interviews the guys to discover their ideal mate, then puts them through a make over when needed. Parts of the actual first date are shown, then Patti debriefs – including letting the men know if they were rejected and why. The last piece lets the audience know what happened to the couple. Many do move on to a monogamous relationship.

The show is on Bravo and is worth watching at least once, so check it out.

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