Dating After Divorce: Flirting Can Get You Arrested in NYC and Arkansas

Today on, there is an article with some fun flirting tips – including that it’s illegal in New York City and Arkansas – antiquated laws that are still on the books.  To ensure you don’t get fined, or worse, you may want to read this . I wouldn’t worry to much though – both places have bigger infractions and law breakers to follow up on.

One of the best tips states that you can over do it. That is for sure. When flirting, avoid holding a gaze too long. This is considered an aggressive move so don’t over indulge. (You know the alpha-dog thing.) Only mothers and their children or lovers can hold an extended eye-lock with any comfort, so don’t over stay your look-see.

My favorite flirting benefit is that flirts have higher white blood cell counts – thus better  immune systems. Go figure. See, flirting is not only the key to dating, but also good for your health. Next time you have a cold and don’t feel like being friendly, remember the benefits and give it a try! Your immune system will thank you.

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