Dating Over 40: 4 Tips to Make Friends with Cupid

Some single people dread the sight of Cupid and the whole month of February for that matter. If you often get down around this time, here are four tips for shifting your experience. Make friend with Cupid and take advantage of the loving energy this holiday brings.

1) Expand your definition of love to include your close friends and family
Linked to romance for close to two thousand years, the month of February bubbles over with loving energy. Tap into that spirit and be thankful for the love that does exist in your world. Everyone has some love to be thankful for, so use Valentine’s Day to acknowledge all kinds of love. Express appreciation to your family, send notes to old friends or, cherish your relationship with a neighbor or give your dog some extra playtime. 

2) if you’re single and feel jealous of people in love, reframe these feelings.
Lift your thoughts to be happy for these couples. They represent positive evidence that love is still possible! Being happy for others helps you share in their good energy. It’s like seeing the glass half-full vs. the glass half-empty. The more couples you see in love, the more open you can be to finding a love of your own. If so many others found a partner, so can you!
3) Buy yourself a gift of love. 
Whether you want a heart-shaped necklace or a dozen roses, make your vision a reality. Purchase something marvelous and appreciate what a wonderful, loving person you are. You might also treat your girlfriends to some flowers or candy too and spread the appreciation around. Self-love is often the first step to finding a loving partner.

4) If  you’re dating or in a relationship, be realistic with expectations and take ownership of what you want. 
Real life doesn’t replicate a romance novel. Be grateful for a single rose or two dozen. Or be direct and nicely tell your partner what would make you happy rather than hope s/he guesses. Treat your partner the way you want to be treated and do it for the simple pleasure it brings, rather than what you’ll get in return.

Making friends with Cupid allows you to ride the wave of loving energy that is available and enjoy the holiday in a new way. There is a Hawaiian Shaman principle that claims, "Energy goes where attention flows."  Be conscious of what you choose as your focus and benefit from that choice!

Wishing you love!

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