Dating Over 40: Millionaire Matchmaker-this week’s episode

Did you watch the show this week? I have to say that Patty has quite a way with her male clients. She can sure dish it out and lays it right on the line for them. No messing around. No couching things for a soft landing. More like – BOOM with a baseball bat, right between the eyes with her direct advice.

When she told the private plane man at the end that he’s such an LA  guy – too laid back – it was great! She let him  have it and pointed out that he’d be making a mistake to let his date dangle while he settles his travel plans.

Amazingly, he took her advice and they are now seeing each other. That was probably a big step for him, since he seemed so resistant to calling her back until he had his plans made – which could have been more than 10 days. Patty pointed out that it’s ridiculous to think women will be welcoming when so much time passes. (She was referring to more like three weeks as an example, but it still applies here.)

Way to go Patty. This is a dating show worthy of your attention. Enjoy – it’s on again next week on Bravo.

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