Dating Over 40: Wrap Yourself in Affirmations

For my birthday, a good friend of mine gave me a fleece wrap covered in love affirmations!  What a unique gift – right up my alley.  I went to the website and found a number of "affirmawraps" for various affirmations.

Right now they are on sale in honor of Valentine’s Day so check the site out in case you want one. Wrap youself up in a red fleece covered with lots of positive love statements and let them seep through your skin into your pores and consciousness. What could be easier?

And just in case you think this is utterly ridiculous, have you heard of Masaru Emoto who has written several New York Times best sellers? Well his books are about the power of positive energy and emotions on water. His first book (I think it was the first one) The Hidden Messages in Water points out that since the human body is made of mostly water, then we are greatly impacted by emotions and positive energy/thoughts. That’s why the affirmations make so much sense and do in fact work. It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

And, so the blanket is basically the very same idea.  Give it some thought. 




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