Dating Over 40: Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle

OK, where have I been? Under a rock? Admittedly I don’t watch prime time TV. Not to say I don’t watch TV – because I certainly do. But obviously I am way way out of the loop!

There are two new shows that I have got to check out. One already started – Cashmere Mafia (Wednesday, 9pm est  on ABC) with Lucy Liu among others and soon to air is Lipstick Jungle (Thursday, 2/7 10pm NBC) with Brooke Shields and two friends. Do we love the titles.? YES!

But from this overview, my conclusion is they sound very familiar to Sex & the City rolled into Desparate Housewives.  Hmmm.  Of course Sex & the City’s Darren Star is behind Cashmere Mafia so that might have something to do with the striking similarity.

Still, I know I’m going to watch at least one episode each and make up my own mind. I just can’t let myself get out of  being "in-the-know."

Please comment if you’ve watched Cashmere Mafia and let me know what you thought.

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