Dating Over 40: Millionaire Matchmaker’s 1st Show

Tuesday night, the first episode of Millionaire Matchmaker aired on Bravo network.  This is one of those shows where women who are watching will fall into two camps: 1) How can I be considered to meet these millionaires? and 2) These guys are idiots. Let me tell them a thing or two.

My bet is the hot 20 somethings will want to be on the show, the 30+ crowd will prefer throwing tomatoes at the TV screen. Such is life. Entertaining none the less I have to say. I visited  the site and posted a comment on the blog which hasn’t gotten much action yet.

On the other hand, the Lifetime series Matched in Manhattan’s blog has been literally flooded with requests on how to get on the show to get Matt Titus’s help. How much do I wish that I could email those women and tell them about a great alternative – dating coaching!  Well looking forward to seeing the next installment of this show as well – with this writer’s strike reality TV rules.



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